The Carboneum project aims to ease the investment experience for traditional investors. We found the gap between centralized and decentralized experience and we want to connect those market together by using DeFi.
The C8P token acts as a connector between the centralized and decentralized exchange and it will optimize the ease of investment opportunity in DeFi for investors.
This is the collateral token backed with liquidity pool token. We offer you the new investment opportunity in the crypto market.

Project Description

Asset tokenization of Liquidity Pool
  • C8P represents a fully collateralized liquidity pool token from the selected liquidity pool protocol. C8P holders do not directly receive the commission fee from the pool but it will represent in the form of C8P capital gain.
Optimize the DeFi ease of use.
  • The C8P will provide the most accessible and simple way to invest in the DeFi. With the C8P token, investors can simply buy C8P from the exchange and we will do the rest for you.
Staking Reward
  • For the existing Carboneum (C8) holders, you will be able to stake a C8 token to get the weekly profit sharing from C8P service.

How does C8P works?

The model of C8 PLUS is the commission sharing model. Starting from pooling the money into the C8P vault. Then, the team will add funds into the UNISWAP liquidity pool. When we receive the commission fee from the pool, it will be sent back to the C8P vault which increases the vault market capitalization. So, C8P holders will receive the benefit from capital gains and sell C8P tokens for the higher price.
For the Carboneum holder, you can get the small reward from staking C8 token with us. After the C8P vault receives commission fee, we will spare 50% of the commission fee and send it to anyone who stake C8 tokens in the platform. The reward will be sent to the C8 holder Ethereum wallet every settlement time.